What is campus recruitment?

Campus recruitment is a hiring method in which companies recruit students for internships at a university or college. This recruitment technique allows companies to create a talent pipeline for the future, allowing organizations to identify and develop young talent.

Importance of campus recruitment

Campus recruitment is important because it leads to the interaction of the corporate world with the academic world. Companies get the opportunity to hunt for new talent and get in touch with a diverse talent pool. It is also a cost-effective method to find innovative individuals who can be a good fit for the company.

Benefits of Campus Recruitment

  • Hunt for fresh talent: Campus recruitment helps employers to identify future talent beforehand.
  • Reduced cost of hiring: Campus recruiting reduces the cost of hiring because it does not need extensive advertising. Moreover, freshers can be hired at a lesser package for entry level jobs which is also a win for employers.
  • Analyze candidate’s skills: Campus recruitment allows employers to better know the student’s skills and interests before even working a full-time job.
  • Diversity in team: By hiring interns from campus, you can develop a more diverse team who will bring fresh ideas into your organization.

How to build an effective campus recruiting strategy

Building an effective recruiting strategy ensures that you identify the right candidates and take advantage of the fresh talent pool. Here is how you can build an effective campus strategy-

  • Connect with reputed colleges/ universities: Get in touch with reputable colleges and universities, especially the ones who train students in your niche or field. If you are an IT company it would make sense to go for campus hiring at an engineering college.
  • Clearly define your requirements: Before going in search of candidates you need to define what your requirements are. What are the skills the candidates need to have? What are the entry level job positions you want to fill? You need to identify the requirements and look for students who fit the criteria.
  • Screen the candidates: After having a list of requirements you can screen the candidates. Decide which students fit the job role the best.
  • Offer competitive packages: Even for entry-level positions try to offer competitive packages which the candidates can accept because it will help you stand out from the rest of the companies who come for campus recruitment.


What does a campus recruiter do?

A campus recruiter goes to various colleges and looks for candidates who they can hire for the company. The main role of the campus recruiter is to pick students who will fit into the company.

What is a campus recruitment test?

Campus recruitment tests are assessment tests that students have to take in order to be hired by the companies who have come for campus recruitment.

How is campus selection done?

In campus recruitment companies visit campuses and screen resumes, interact with students and pick talents that may suit the company needs.

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