What is Buzz Marketing? | Definition & Meaning | Akrivia HCM

Buzz Marketing, or word-of-mouth business, is a strategy used to maximize the popularity of campaigns by maximizing the number of people talking about them. It takes advantage of the probability of social contagion, which is the tendency for something fashionable to spread among people until it becomes a social epidemic. Crowdsourcing, using all-targeted media, and creating social media buzz are some of the techniques used in this marketing trick.

Buzz content over the Internet is a treasure trove for many marketers, and it is the way of doing buzz marketing. The Internet is full of information on how to write viral blog posts, viral video ads, and even viral email campaigns. But all these can not be replicated in every situation, and they often don’t work as they claim. So if you’re under pressure to deliver a piece of content that will go viral, create sensational content that gets the attention of a crowd. Listen to the crowd, strategize and create. Incorporate relevant keywords and an eye-catching design.

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