Business necessity is a discipline required to run a business effectively and efficiently, and there is a clear and direct reason for implementing business practices that may be considered unfavorable.

Business Necessity is also a legal defense against discriminatory business practices. It can be used to defend against charges of discrimination in hiring, promotion, demotion, and business decisions.

When making a business decision, it is necessary to consider the product’s performance and business value. A business decision should never be influenced by any personal bias towards any person or group, or the person’s race, cast, creed, color, gender, religion, disability status, or any other characteristic.

Discrimination can not only be costly to company morale, but it can also result in a higher rate of employee turnover, sick leave, and general absenteeism. The effects of discrimination can prove to be costly for any business organization.

Suppose your business practice is consistent with business necessity and relates to an essential business operation. In that case, your business practice has a valid defense under the [insert applicable anti-discrimination law]. It means that your conduct will not be deemed unlawful.

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