What is Blind Job Advert? | Meaning & Definition | Akrivia HCM

Blind job ads are a common practice amongst recruitment companies and businesses because it allows the employer to see many applications without mentioning the name of the company and the roles of this e position. Blind job ads are like a secret word on the street that finds people who ‘exactly’ fit for jobs.

This type of ad is a quick, hassle-free way to post open positions and reach the right professional talent. Participating companies want this recruitment style because they don’t want to be advertised and don’t want to be found; they usually come from a seasoned industry. They may seek to generate more interest in a job opening by making the application and hiring process more challenging and unconventional.

For instance, a company might use an unorthodox method of determining which candidates can proceed to the online application page, requiring candidates to solve a maths problem as part of the job application. Firms often try to generate a buzz around job openings to increase the number of applicants. Blind advertisements are illegal in some countries. However, some laws are usually applicable only to specific types of ads, for example, estate agents posting houses for rent.

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