A blacklist is a list of individuals, organizations, or countries shunned or ostracized by others because they are accused of engaging in immoral or unethical behavior or activities. A blacklist is a kind of retaliation that is usually meant to cause financial hardship for those mentioned. Those who have been blacklisted may be effectively prevented from doing business or gaining jobs.

Although blacklisting has a long history, it is now commonly used by governments to make economic penalties more effective by publicly identifying people, organizations, and countries to avoid.

  • A blacklist is a list of people’s or companies that are considered to be disruptive or undesirable.
  • Its goal is to isolate persons on the list and keep them from conducting business successfully.
  • Presently, blacklists are more likely to be databases maintained by governments enforcing economic sanctions against bad international actors engaged in money laundering or drug trafficking.

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