What is Bean-feast? | Definition & Meaning | Akrivia HCM

A beanfeast could be an employee benefit associated with an annual dinner organized by an employer, particularly in the days when employees were sometimes paid in kind. Regardless of the date, a beanfeast can also be held to celebrate an incident or achievement. The term “beanfeast” is derived from the phrase “full pay,” which was used as recently as the first half of the twentieth century to refer to an entire day’s wages.

The employee-hosted beanfeast is a long-standing tradition of recognition for the staff in many organizations. These events are typically held regularly, sometimes annually, or semi-annually and add to your company’s “family feeling.” Beanfeasts have been around for centuries, with their original purpose as an opportunity for the employer to thank and show appreciation for employees who have demonstrated noteworthy dedication and loyalty.

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