What is attendance regularization?

The attendance regularization enables the employee to correct their attendance once the manager or HR department approves it. Employees can correct their attendance, thereby saving time for them and the HR team.

There are many occasions where attendance regularization comes in handy.

  • Employees can use an attendance device to punch in or out when working from the office.
  • While working from home, employees can use the Attendance Regularization Option to apply for work from home.
  • Sometimes employees face technical issues while punching in and out. In that case, employees can ask the HRs to regularize their attendance for that day.

Once the request is approved, it will reflect in the attendance screen in real-time, resulting in greater transparency and accuracy of information. While using HCM tools HRs does not need to update attendance manually. Since the employees will enter their check-in and check-out times in real-time, it becomes easier for them to calculate the overtime and absentees for payroll calculation purposes.

What are the benefits of attendance regularization?

  • Less payroll errors: When employees have the option to regularize their attendance, the HRs can easily track their attendance. Hence, there are lesser payroll errors.
  • Work flexibility: Employees are offered the liberty to work flexibly with attendance regularization. They do not have to stick to a strict schedule while working but are allowed the flexibility to regularize attendance whenever necessary.
  • Employee happiness: Regularization gives employees the flexibility to work in their time. It increases employee happiness.


How do I write mail to HR for attendance regularization?

When sending a mail to HR for attendance regularization, you can mention the dates which need regularizing, and the reasons for regularization. HRs will handle it from then on and will notify you when the regularization is done.

What are the reasons for attendance regularization?

One of the main reasons for attendance regularization is technical glitch in the attendance tracking system. Sometimes machines are unreliable, and they don’t register when employees clock in and out. Employees can request attendance regularization when such errors occur.

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