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Assessment centers are applied in the selection of employees. The purpose of assessment centers is to identify candidates´ positive personal and professional characteristics and acquire the information needed to determine their potential for sustained professional performance (Grigoraev, 2011). Assessment center is an efficient hiring technique used by many companies. It performs a wide range of functions in an organization.

What is a virtual assessment center?

The virtual assessment center is an innovative method of assessing candidates based on the principles of traditional assessment centers, but without actually having the participants travel. This saves both the employer and employee money. It also allows companies to assess many candidates who either live in remote areas or can’t afford to travel.

What are the advantages of Assessment centers?

Assessment centers are essential tools that help assess the suitability of a candidate for a specific job role or employment opportunity by testing them based on various factors such as problem-solving, interpersonal skills, multi-tasking, and decision making. This method is more effective as it compares various prospective employees or candidates on a similar mode of assessment to select an appropriate fit.

How can I prepare for an assessment center?

Assessment centers are very familiar to employers and organizations. They are used to assess a candidate’s potential while making appropriate hiring decisions. Assessment centers also allow candidates to enhance their characteristics and deploy them in a real work environment. This way, both the organization gets an idea about a person’s prospects, and people have a better understanding of the company’s culture, job role, and responsibilities before they get hired by them.

What are the types of assessment centers?

Many organizations use assessment centers at the time of hiring to identify training and development needs and succession planning. The following are the various types of assessment centers:
1. In-Basket Exercise
2. Case Study
3. Role Play
4. Interviews
5. Presentations

What is the disadvantage of an assessment center?

The main disadvantage of having an assessment center is its questionable accuracy. To determine the strengths and weaknesses, the assessment center employs various psychometric tests. But, the efficiency of such tests has been questioned to date. They are not apt to gauge the performance potential or behavior.

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