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Appraisal Meaning

Appraisal is the method of systematically and structurally evaluating and assessing an employee’s performance. The main purpose of the appraisal process is to give employees feedback on their performance, pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses, and support them in enhancing their skills and abilities to reach their personal and professional objectives.

Effective appraisal systems can benefit both employees and employers. For employees, appraisal provides an opportunity to receive feedback on their performance, set goals, and develop their skills and competencies. For employers, an appraisal can help identify top performers, determine training and development needs, and make decisions about promotions, bonuses, and other rewards.


Different Types of Appraisal

Some of the most common types of employee appraisal methods used by organizations are :

  1. Performance Appraisal: Employers traditionally evaluate employees’ performance over a certain period using performance appraisals. Employers can conduct performance appraisals annually, bi-annually, or quarterly.
  2. 360-Degree Appraisal: This method involves obtaining feedback from all individuals who work with the employee, including colleagues, managers, and clients. The company evaluates the employee’s performance based on the feedback.
  3. Self-Appraisal: This method involves the employee evaluating their performance. The company asks its employees to provide feedback on their strengths and weaknesses and what they can do to improve their performance.
  4. Peer Appraisal: This method involves the employee’s colleagues evaluating their performance. Peers who work in similar roles and levels provide feedback.
  5. Objective-Based Appraisal: This method involves setting specific objectives for the employee to achieve and evaluating the employee based on whether or not they achieved these objectives.
  6. Behavioral-Based Appraisal: The behaviour-based appraisal are similar to 360-degree feedback. This method evaluates employees’ behavior and attitude towards their work, colleagues and customers.
  7. Management by Objectives (MBO): This method involves setting specific goals for the employee and evaluating them based on how well they achieve them.

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