Alternative work arrangements are the type of work that includes shared responsibility of one position, flexible schedule shifts, and a flexible workplace. It is not like the traditional work arrangement that binds employees to work from Monday to Friday within a decided hours shift. It is one of the most famous arrangements of work that has been followed for the past 3-4 years.  

Today’s employees seek out workplaces that promote flexibility and effective time management. Providing staff with alternate work arrangements is a tangible way to address their personal needs while meeting their professional obligations. Currently, alternative work arrangements are permitted in the U.S. and countries of Europe. Employees working alternate schedules may telecommute to the office, work at home offices, communicate with the workgroup by e-mail, fax, or phone, utilize compressed workweeks, flexitime, or some combination of the above. 

Advantages of Alternative Work Arrangement: 

  • Reduction of cost. 
  • Benefits public relations. 
  • Good for employee retention. 
  • Approach value proposition. 
  • More productive and good for the work-life balance of employees. 

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