What is Affective Events Theory? | Definition | Akrivia HCM

Affective events theory is a framework of psychology designed to understand and describe individuals’ feelings and emotions connected to their workplace, job satisfaction, job performance, and behaviors. This theory has been used to explain the connection between employees’ positive affective states and superior organizational outcomes. 

AET promotes the idea that human beings are feeling and emotional creatures. The theory holds that emotions influence thoughts, views, and behaviors in any situation we find ourselves. It is essential to understand AET as an individual because it gives us insight into what motivates us and what type of environments will make us happy. As such, it could be helpful when selecting a career. 

In theory, a positive state triggers positive behaviors, and a negative mood negatively impacts behaviors. Events in the workplace play an important part in creating emotions, which are the basis for affective reactions and affect the employees’ performance. These reactions impact the person’s job performance, as well as on their work relationships. 

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