What is Absence Management? | Meaning & Definition | Akrivia HCM

Absence management is an employer’s approach to tracking and reducing employee absenteeism, avoiding workforce disruption, and maximising employee productivity. It involves creating policies, procedures, or programs that support employees who miss work due to illness, injury, or unforeseen circumstances and address employees whose absences are questionable or excessive.

It involves the delicate topic of employee discipline; Absence management must refer to facts when communicating with employees. Facts and figures are best obtained through your organization’s HRMS Software like Akrivia Leave Management tracks, records, and auditing functionality. By using software that employs automated functionality and avoids manual entries, you can ensure the accuracy of reports and data.

You can keep your business efficient and productive if you manage your workplace absences well. By creating fair, consistent plans for unplanned absences and communicating these with employees, you can reduce the number of unplanned absences, keep the office running smoothly and avoid problems that can stem from not addressing attendance problems.

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