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The number of employees who decide to leave an organization. This rate might be high because of compensation, lack of growth opportunities, unhappiness with the environment, or other reasons is, termed abandonment rates. Attention to these strategies will keep your employees happy and allow you to keep a more accurate idea of how many people you employ at any given time.

How to calculate the abandonment rate?

To calculate the abandonment rate, take the number of all people who apply for job openings; the total number of people will be divided by those who start filling out the form and get the percentage after multiplying by 100.

The critical aspects of the abandonment policy

The company policy on sick days should have been mentioned in the handbook of employees, including the following five features:

  • A transparent statement of job abandonment.
  • An investigation process.
  • Compliance with established termination procedure.
  • Thorough documentation.
  • Consistency in applying the policy.

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