Demystifying UAE Payroll in 2023: Your Go-To Guide

Payroll as a process is an integral part of any organization, and for companies operating in the UAE region, things do get a little complex. Digitalization, compliance and data analytics are critical to smooth payroll administration for every business in UAE (United Arab Emirates).

This eBook is designed to benefit organizations of all sizes running in the UAE for streamlining their payroll process. Effective payroll management is a must for organizations to stay ahead of competitors. It allows them to follow through with necessary statutory compliances and build an organizational culture which takes employees’ needs and their engagement levels seriously.

Packed with insightful statistics and data, this eBook is an updated guide for organizations to overcome payroll challenges prevalent in the region. In this ebook you will find all the necessary information needed for running a smooth payroll process in UAE, including:

  • Payroll process and regulations in UAE
  • Employee compensation and benefits packages in UAE
  • Prevention of payroll fraud in UAE
  • Use of innovation and technology for a future forward payroll operation in UAE

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