AI in HR: Reshaping Contemporary HR Practices

HR Operations like payroll, recruitment, and employee management are loaded with a number of repetitive tasks, which businesses can automate to save hours of precious time. Moving towards automation means optimum utilization of available resources to generate better business outcomes, and this is why the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in HR operations has become the need of the hour!

Besides automation, AI in HR also means better and deeper visibility into data analytics, something that HR professionals in organizations can leverage to make unbiased and informed decisions. However, it’s also true that the transition from manual to automation is filled with multiple roadblocks, which come in the form of skepticism, skill gaps, and integration with existing legacy systems.

In this ebook, we have covered everything you need to know about the inclusion of AI in HR, including:

  • The scope of AI in human resources
  • The different ways in which AI operates
  • The transformative applications of AI in HR operations
  • Global strategies for adopting AI in HR
  • The present challenges and future possibilities

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