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Our executive board wholeheartedly believes in the power of people. They are industry leaders with substantial experience in the B2B SaaS space,
bringing in a bag full of knowledge and diversity with a common goal - to revolutionize the HR space.

Rahul Varma Kalidindi
Rahul Varma Kalidindi

CEO, Co-Founder

Rahul, a tech enterprenuer and an alumnus of the prestigious UC Berkeley College of Engineering, brings vigorous industry experience to Akrivia. He is passionate about augmentation of human tasks by intelligence systems by empowering human resource (HR) professionals worldwide with cloud-based HR solutions embedding data insights and analytics into HR. He dreams of Akrivia as a game-changing technology reinventing organisations to become responsive to emerging and sustainable changes.

Raghu Kalidindi
Raghu Kalidindi

Chairman, Co-Founder

With decades of experience, renowned academician, and visionary, Raghu has been an achiever par excellence in all his endeavors. He aims to develop a cutting-edge HR automation platform that provides solutions in all facets of human resource management.

Culture at Akrivia

We will always be a people-first organization.

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