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Update data and do so much more with our end-to-end attendance management system.


Ease of Time and Attendance

Get access to our cloud-based attendance tracking system with seamless device integration. Control, monitor, view, and update multiple data on a single screen. Track Attendance using biometric, mobile using geo tagging and geo fencing options.

Flexible Shift Planning

Create Shift Rosters according to your organisations needs. Set Weekend Policies. Create Off Configurations, Overtime policies, On Duty policies and many more.

Seamless Payroll Integration

Attendance data sync with payroll module in real-time to process payroll on time. With our attendance management software, automate arrears payment as per policies without any manual intervention.

Custom Reports

Use our list of 100+ standard and custom reports to stay on top of attendance data of your employees.

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Shift Scheduling

Configure and automate Shift Rosters as per your organisational needs

Bio-Metric Integration

Real time integration with 100+ Biometric manufactures enables seamless attendance data integration.

Geo-Tagging and Geo-Fencing

Configure geo tagging and geo fencing for mobile punch in enabling attendance tracking during post pandemic times.

Automated Reports

Stay on top of attendance data with 100+ standard and customised reports giving you a transparent view of you workforce productivity.

Overtime & Shift Allowances

Configure Overtime and Shift Allowance policies for Automated Calculation for Payroll Processing

Instant Notifications

Send automated, instant notifications for any non conformities against policies

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