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Celebrate Achievements

Reinforce a collaborative approach, open mindedness, sharing appreciation and trust to reap the fruits of digital workspace. Foster a thriving culture of employee visibility amplification and deliver results. Retain top talent and consequently boost your overall business results. Akrivia's solution helps you build a recognition program uniquely suited for your business and employee needs.

Reign in your Budget.

Our comprehensive budgeting and incentive management software helps you reward employees based on individual or group performances while keeping complete control of your budgets. Plan and moderate budgets for each rewards and recognition program using automatic budget allocation. Allocate entity-wise predefined budgets, rewards, and specify the awards allocated to the budget.

Nominate Your Top Performers

Achieve a stronger and more engaged team by doing something special for them. With Rewards and Recognition, you can gather nominations from the whole team and allocate specific rewards for the top contributors.

Build a Culture of Appreciation

Appreciation is more important than ever. Deliver excellent results by creating a culture of appreciation as part of your company's DNA. Our employee rewards software helps build an opportunity for a human- centric experience through mutual acknowledgment of significant contributions.

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Configure Budget

Plan your rewards and recognition budget by location or department etc., and track utilization in real-time.

Configure Awards

The number of awards can be configured depending upon your organization's requirements.

Configure Points

The reward points can be configured depending on the award type.

Reward Sharing

Points will be allocated to every employee to share as a culture of appreciation.


Leaderboard based on awards received and reward points received are available.


To redeem the achieved points, it is integrated with Xoxoday.

Nomination process

The best performer can be approved by the nomination process. Employee can self nominate to claim the reward.

Notification and Alerts

Notifications and alerts are sent automatically during the award process.

Approval Flow

Customize the approval workflow as per the organization's need.

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