Micromanagement is a management style that refers to excessive control over an employee’s workflow, task, or project. Micromanagement may include excessive feedback, frequent meetings, and oversight of that person’s workload. 

What are 6 signs of Micromanagement :

All tasks require approval

The manager must review and process all the work done in the team, and any changes to their original work must be approved. They must also ensure that each person has received their contributions before marking them as complete. This ensures that all the tasks will be finished correctly and on time.

All emails must include the recipient’s name as a cc

Managers will often CC their employees on work-related emails to keep them informed, on board, and responsive to the company. They are constantly in touch with their team’s latest outcomes and activities and believe that being cc’d on all emails or being a part of all Slack channels related to their work will help them keep up with evolutions.

Micromanagers keep track of their employees’ whereabouts

A micromanager oversees a large number of tasks within an organization and is concerned with improving processes. Micromanagers are highly concerned with where their employees are at all times. If they’re frustrated when employees do not respond to their messages immediately, there is a good chance they have micromanager tendencies.

Micromanagers enjoy helping their employees improve their skills

Micromanagers often get a kick out of discovering grammar errors in the copywriter’s work or fixing code in the software developer’s work. If they find joy in learning ways to make their people’s lives easier, then they have some micromanager traits.

Micromanagers oppose delegating tasks

A micromanager negatively affects the morale and confidence of their teammates by doing all the work for them but not allowing them to do the work they initially hired. As a result, it is common for the micromanager to become unable to manage their team due to overwhelming workloads and burnout.

They get work up over minor concerns

Micromanagers stress and obsess over every small detail of the project. They fail to deliver high-quality results or meet deadlines, and their constant Micromanagement leads to poor morale in the workplace.

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