Cultural change is a broad term that may encompass changes in behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and values. Cultural change must be preceded by a performance improvement process that will allow individuals to accept new ways of thinking and behaving (e.g., better ways of working). Organizations seeking to cultivate a culture of innovation may need to change how employees think about and respond to change. Therefore, efforts to change the “organizational culture” should address the underlying elements of cultural transformation that drive the resulting behavior.  

Cultural change encourages an organization to establish a core set of values and beliefs that guides its employees in making decisions. When attitudes and behaviors are consistent with these core beliefs, they will encourage the organization to attain its business objectives and maintain stability. Change agents should regularly evaluate all aspects of an organizational transformation improvement initiative to strengthen positive results and refine or discontinue tactics that are not being adopted adequately. Cultural change occurs when help from a provider improves the way an organization works or makes the performance more consistent with its culture and values. The Cultural Change Framework tool (CCFT) was designed and developed by a diverse team to be a comprehensive, practical process for enacting cultural change across the organization. This framework provides a systematic approach to assess desired new behaviors to implement cultural change and provides diagnostics to determine whether the culturally desired behavior change is taking root.

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