Crowdsourcing is the concept of outsourcing tasks to a large number of people, and tapping into their collective intelligence or mind of the crowd to produce results. It’s the act of tapping a crowd for information and insights about specific topics. This input can then be combined with data, analytics, and insight provided by experts in technology, healthcare, education, entertainment, agriculture, funding, and many other areas. Crowdsourcing is changing how organizations develop ideas, design products and services, solve problems and engage with their communities and employees. There are different ways of crowdsourcing, including using the Internet to fund or raise money, gain input, perform work, and connect organizations with experts and professionals. Crowdsourcing is the new way to get creative thinking. Crowdsourced creativity improves creative decision-making by offering diverse perspectives and fresh ideas. Cloud, automation, intelligence, mobility, and analytics are companies’ weapons to surmount competitive threats. To help companies transform for competitive advantage, we integrate the latest technologies into our hybrid cloud offerings. Organizations also use it to find alternative solutions to hiring new employees. Crowdsourcing allows organizations to tap into the diverse talent pool that exists in the crowd for skills ranging from highly-specialized areas of content creation and financial services to general office support and consulting services.

Crowdsourcing combines the power of business with the wisdom of the crowd to gain skills and knowledge in areas where talent shortages exist. When you crowdsource a specific task, job, or project, you get access to a worldwide talent pool that is often broader and deeper than what you could access within the organization. It is a way to solve resource-related challenges, gain skills, and tap into a wider community of expertise. It takes advantage of the fact that crowd members are usually very motivated and willing to extend themselves beyond regular working hours.

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