AI is one of today’s most advanced technologies. It has improved the HR department by automating many low-value tasks that deal with the more strategic scope of work. While most people think AI is only a part of the technology, it has successfully penetrated HR. Tasks such as talent acquisition, performance management, compensation and benefits, career development, training, and organizational development all take a lot of strategic planning. Artificial intelligence has helped automate many tasks so that the HR department can focus on its strategic work.   

Rather than manually reaching out to potential candidates, AI uses algorithms to help you find matches based on skills and background. HR managers are using AI in recruiting activities to reduce the risk of discrimination or mistakes made by recruiters. It ensures that candidates are evaluated only on their relevant skills and experience.    

Most importantly, AI will help design employee benefits and training programs by identifying patterns between successful employees and their background traits. The result of this technology will improve the success of employees in both their job and their well-being. 

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