Ageism is a type of discrimination based on the age of people. It is a severe issue that older people regularly face because of their increasing age. This disturbs their physical as well as mental health. Ageism can make hiring, retaining, or promoting employees difficult in the workplace. Retirees often encounter ageism when looking for work as well. Older people sometimes lose important social connections and are sometimes at risk of elder abuse.

Gerontologist Robert N. Butler first introduced the term ageism. He used this term to explain the inequality toward older people, but presently, it is used for every age-based discrimination, whether someone is older or younger. This also negatively impacts employee engagement and retention.

Ageism is not legal in the U.S. They have Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). As per this law, employers can’t discriminate the workers who are 40+.

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