Accountability is being responsible at work to meet certain requirements, roles, and responsibilities that the employer assigns to an employee.  

It is the employee’s responsibility to meet the employer’s expectations in staying accountable, transparent, and in communicating well with other team members. It leads to critical thinking, improved teamwork, and outstanding business growth. Accountability will make a difference only when the employees within the company take the initiative to be responsible, not from any outside references.  

In a workplace where accountability is embraced, the benefits go beyond expectations. 

Is it possible for HR Professionals to improve Accountability in Organizations?

HR can set the tone for an organization and effectively manage movement by putting people first. It is possible to improve accountability with these steps. Tell your employees to 

  • Stick to the promises and responsibilities they made to co-workers in the organization.
  • Constantly assess the organization’s culture cautiously.
  • Do the framework that defines requirements and be cautious before sending deliverables. Do all the essential checks that need to be done in order to eradicate future consequences.
  • Know that they are accountable for their behavior and that they will be liable if they do not mirror the organization’s values in every aspect of their work. 

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