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Poll Survey

Collecting feedback from your employees is a great way to enhance engagement. Our employee engagement platform allows you to ask any question you want, while our software automatically creates individualized reports based on the answers you receive. Collect the opinions of employees within the organization upon different aspects in a better way.

Driver Based Analytics

This calculator uses department-specific metrics, including engagement scores and attrition rates to determine employee satisfaction. Data for individual departments is represented as a color-based heat map, illustrating trends within the whole organization.


This module allows you to analyze all your employee's performance and direct them accordingly. Find where each employee stands in terms of work goals, time they spend at the office and goal accomplishment. The inbuild warning system alerts of employee performance-level discrepancy. Customized reminders sent during annual/recurring reports. It also allows supervisors to directly respond to critical state in employee's performance through the portal.

Answer Based Analytics

The Employee-wise analysis report is designed to display employee-wise totals for the selected fields and years. Users can choose the fields, years, and conditions to be displayed.

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Survey Duration

While creating a Survey, the duration can be specified to end the survey after a stipulated time period. Helps to notify users before the Survey gets expired.

Anonymous Survey

Creating an anonymous survey will let the employee have user privacy and help get a genuine response by obscuring the Personal Identifiable Information.

Chatbot Integration

Chatbot notifies until the Survey gets completed and also can directly answer Survey from Chatbot itself.

Net Promoter Score

It helps to measure employee loyalty. It facilitates set benchmarks and enhance employee satisfaction while projecting likelihood of an employee towards a metric.

Keyword Extraction

Extracts keywords from the feedback provided by the user. Keyword extraction uses machine-learning artificial intelligence (AI) with natural language processing (NLP) to break down human language.

Data Filtration

Helps to filter the Survey data based on time period or custom duration. Time period generates quarterly or half-yearly or yearly filtered data and custom filters help to filter data as per the requirement choice.

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