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Key Challenges in the Manufacturing Sector

Shift Management

Managing multiple shifts poses a significant challenge for you and your line managers. Often, creating shift rosters becomes chaotic due to managers' lack of awareness regarding employee leaves

Arrears and Overtime

Accurate employee payouts, including arrears, bonuses, and overtime, are crucial for line workers. Ensuring error-free payroll for blue-collar employees depends heavily on precise calculations of arrears and overtime

Lack of Integration between ERP and HRMS

While HRMS and ERPs holds employee information and business data respectively, these systems often operate in silos. This disjointedness complicates HR's ability to derive actionable business insights

HR Automation Platform Catering to Manufacturing Industry Needs in Singapore

Intuitive UI/UX

Our platform is crafted to provide a seamless experience for both employees and managers


Attendance data serves as the basis for approving employees' overtime work, simplifying the process for managers

Prebuilt Workflows

Automate intricate processes with our prebuilt workflow templates tailored to meet manufacturing requirements

Easy Configurability

Our HRMS software boasts high configurability, ensuring accessibility for both you and your workforce

Tailored Solutions to Streamline HR Functions

Recruitment & Retention Made Easy

Recruitment & Retention Made Easy

Power up your manufacturing workforce with top talent using our HR tech products like recruitment management and employee engagement

  • Upload of employee details in bulk
  • Complete background verification
  • Designed to deliver an elevated employee experience
Upskill your Industrial Workforce

Upskill your Industrial Workforce

Point out skill gaps, develop dedicated employee training programs, and utilize built-in analytics to assess learning progress

  • Continuous learning for easy upskilling
  • User-friendly interface & agile functionality
  • Flexible reporting hierarchy
Automated Attendance System

Automated Attendance System

Configured for the manufacturing industry in Singapore, our cloud-based time & attendance module offers both flexibility and scalability

  • Biometric attendance that syncs with the HR portal
  • Configure daily shift schedules as fixed or flexible
  • Geofencing & geotagging based attendance marking
Centralized Leave Management

Centralized Leave Management

Our leave dashboard provides employees and managers with easy access to leave quotas, streamlining the leave management process

  • Configure individual rules & approval flows
  • A single dashboard to access complete leave history
  • Create leave policies based on the location
Integrated Payroll System

Integrated Payroll System

Our payroll system seamlessly integrates with attendance, shifts, and leaves, which in turn helps ensure accurate payroll calculations.

  • Automate wage calculations
  • Efficiently monitor overtime
  • Simplifying statutory & non-statutory payments
Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

From demand forecasting and job hour tracking to payroll and business compliance, Akrivia HCM rolls out a wide range of reports essential for running your manufacturing business smoothly

  • Access workforce retention trends
  • Analyze attendance patterns
  • Review leave and absence reports

Our Customers say it the Best

“Akrivia HCM has been ‘nothing short of transformative’. The user-friendly interface of Akrivia has significantly simplified our HR processes.”

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