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Key HR challenges in the Information Technology Sector

Key HR challenges in the Information Technology Sector

Talent Crunch

Meeting the rapid expansion and the need to hire new candidates proves challenging due to a talent crunch in the market. The escalating standard pay scale further complicates candidate recruitment.

Employee Engagement

Amidst numerous market openings, employees often depart silently. Therefore, engaging and retaining employees turns out to be imperative for HRs in Singapore

Hybrid Workforce

The rising trend of hybrid work in IT services necessitates remote accessibility for HRs to address queries and overcome challenges related to remote work

Build to Streamline Prime HR Functions

AI-powered ATS

Effortlessly generate job descriptions, post them on various job boards, and automate the applicant tracking process end-to-end

Remote Onboarding

Get the advantage of a seamless onboarding experience for remote employees, ensuring a smooth transition into their new roles

Personalized Learning

Empower your tech personnel with opportunities for training and upskilling to stay abreast of new technologies


Process payroll for both permanent and contractual employees simultaneously, streamlining payroll management

Optimize your IT workforce in Singapore to Achieve More

Streamlining the Recruitment Process

Streamlining the Recruitment Process

Utilize our cutting-edge ATS to find out and recruit top talent from the IT industry in Singapore, and add agility to the entire recruitment journey from candidate sourcing to onboarding

  • Interview scheduling
  • AI-powered job description creation
  • Employee background verification
Unified Hub for HR Database

Unified Hub for HR Database

Efficiently manage and access all employee information in a centralized HR platform, thereby enhancing accessibility for all

  • Employee trend insights & reports
  • Employee document management
  • Region-specific data analytics
Employee Self-Service Portal (ESS)

Employee Self-Service Portal (ESS)

Enable your employees to have easy access to information like HR policies, pay slips, and performance dashboards independently, so that your HR team can focus on strategic initiatives

  • Request for leaves with ease
  • Access and download payslips
  • Submit and claim expenses
Progressive Learning and Growth

Progressive Learning and Growth

Develop and configure personalized employee training modules to bridge skill gaps within your tech team, laying the bricks for a future-ready workforce

  • Get built-in analytics to keep track of the learning progress
  • Continuous learning journey
  • Evaluate training effectiveness

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