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AI Enabled HR Chatbot

Simplify Inquiries with
Dhruva, our HR Chatbot!

Dhruva, our AI-powered HR chatbot, providing a conversational interface for
users to quickly obtain answers and streamline daily tasks

Simplified Configuration

Customize the chatbot effortlessly to align with your company's policies in Singapore by transferring the document data to the web portal

Easy to configure

Effortless Navigation

Empower employees to conveniently handle tasks like leave applications, attendance management, and access to pay slips—all through intuitive conversations

Simple Navigation 

Efficient Ticket Management

Enhance employee support by seamlessly converting conversations into tickets for quicker resolution

Turn employee requests into tickets
AI-based Interview Platform

Automated Candidate Screening

Utilize AI-monitored video interviews to gain comprehensive
and unbiased evaluations of candidates' communication
and behavioral competencies

Candidate Shortlisting

Find the Top Candidates for the Job in Singapore

Auto-Score Candidates

Automated Candidate Scoring

Our AI-driven resume parser evaluates and ranks candidate applications based on job-specific skills, simplifying talent pool creation and fast tracking recruitment

Auto-Match Candidates

Automated Candidate Matching

Automatically pair suitable candidates from your talent pool with new job openings, streamlining your recruitment efforts

Unlock More with People-AI

Automate, Personalize, and Gain Actionable Insights

Job description generator
Job Description Generator 

Create Compelling Job Descriptions

Our AI analyzes your current positions, role requirements, and industry trends to generate enticing job descriptions that attract top-notch candidates

Training recommendations
Training Recommendations 

Tailor-Made Learning Paths

Deliver personalized training recommendations based on individual learning histories, competencies, skills, and job roles to enhance performance

Employee sentiment analysis
Employee Sentiment Analysis 

Transform Surveys into Valuable Insights

Leverage AI to analyze survey data, identifying employees' sentiments for informed decisions that boost engagement

Our FAQ’s

Questions? We're Glad you Asked

What is a resume parser?

A resume parser uses OCR to analyze resumes and extract key information like skills, experience, and education. It saves time by organizing resumes and making them searchable for recruiters.

How does an AI resume parser work?

What is an AI video interview?

What does a job description generator do?

How does an AI sentiment analysis tool measure employee sentiment?

What are the benefits of HR chatbots?

How can sentiment analysis be used in HR?

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