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Major Challenges for HRs in the Healthcare Sector

Major Challenges for HRs in the Healthcare Sector

Employee Burnout

Juggling multiple shifts, responding to unexpected emergencies, and workplace pressure contribute to significant burnout, consequently leading to high attrition rates

Training and Development

The absence of easy to configure and deliver upskilling programs for medical staff impacts patient care and jeopardizes patient health

Shift Scheduling

Obsolete systems for tracking time, attendance, and shift result in ineffective workforce planning, limited visibility into working hours, eventually leading to last-minute chaos

HRMS Software for the Healthcare Industry in Singapore

Customized to Simplify Your HR Functions

Real-time Monitoring

From automating time and attendance to powering performance management, Akrivia HCM helps with a constant stream of real-time insights and data for employee management

HRMS on the Go

Allow your healthcare professionals to access their data regardless of their location using the mobile app version of Akrivia HCM

Compensation and Benefits

Recognize your medical professionals hard work and reward them by offering the right way

Role-based Access

Safeguard all your employee data by implementing selective logins and role-based privileges

Transform your Healthcare Workers into the Best Caregivers

Streamline Hiring

Streamline Hiring

Identify qualified staff, automatically generate JDs, and swiftly review hundreds of resumes in seconds with our AI-powered recruitment management software

  • Upload candidate applications in bulk
  • Provide pre-onboarding access
  • Employee background verification
Centralized Employee Database

Centralized Employee Database

Avail the benefits of a centralized staff database for managing as well as accessing employee information, thereby simplifying core HR functions effortlessly

  • Group and filter employees as per their job roles
  • Smooth data integration with no room for duplication
  • Customized employee data fields
Employee Self-Service Portal (ESS)

Employee Self-Service Portal (ESS)

Our ESS portal can also be accessed via mobile, making it easier for your employees to quickly access any HR related information or service

  • Request leaves with ease
  • Download pay slips
  • Enhance employee experience
Monitor Employee Schedules

Monitor Employee Schedules

Customize our product to fit your attendance policies and synchronize it with leave and payroll for enhanced efficiency

  • Hassle-free biometric attendance integration
  • Effortless process for scheduling shift and tracking overtime
  • Geofencing and geotagging
Centralized Leave Management

Centralized Leave Management

Harness the capabilities of our leave management and get clear visibility of unique role privileges and staff schedules right from the dashboard

  • Set up individual rules and approval flows
  • Use the dashboard to get complete visibility into the leave history
  • Create leave policies based on the region to ensure compliance
Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Utilize our reports and analytics tool to find out workforce trends and analyze staff sentiment to keep burnout at bay and boost retention

  • Analyze the performance of your employee with 360° feedback
  • Generate standardized and customized reports
  • Receive engagement scores and attrition rates to gauge employee satisfaction

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“Akrivia HCM has been ‘nothing short of transformative’. The user-friendly interface of Akrivia has significantly simplified our HR processes.”

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