Create Engaging and Interactive Courses that
Encourage your People to Upskill

Infuse a transformative training and development process that allows your employee
to imbibe knowledge at their convenience

Course Monitoring

Course Tracking

Self-paced Learning

Self-paced Course



Course Registration and Nominations

Course Enrollment and Nominations

Skill Gap Analysis

Skill Gap Analysis

Elevate the Learning Experience with our L&D Software

Course Creation

Course Creation

Simplifying the Process of Training Courses

Harness the power of automation to create a wide range of staff learning and development courses and customize them as per the needs of various departments

Suggest Training Courses to Cater to Your Team

Learning Suggestions

Recommend Highly Apt Training Courses to your Workforce

Leverage AI and machine learning to identify skill gaps and suggest courses for employees to explore on their dashboard.

Organize multi-batch training programs


Get the Benefit of Configuring Multiple Batches

Enjoy flexibility in conducting learning and training sessions across online and offline batches

Reward Employee Achievements


Acknowledge the Accomplishments of your Employees

Recognize your team's achievements by awarding certificates, allowing employees to showcase their growth journey proudly

Equip your Workforce Future-ready Skills

Use Multi-file Support System With Our LMS

Content Upload

Supporting Multi File Formats

Our L&D system accommodates various file types such as docx, pdf, and video, enabling you to update the training modules ensure their relevancy for your workforce

Easily Monitor Progress


Easily Monitor Learner’s Progress

Utilize pre and post training assessments to track the learning journey of your employees in Singapore. Leverage built-in analytics for continuous improvement and impactful outcomes

Employee Training Tracker

Training Calendar

Stay Informed about your Training Sessions

Use our dashboard to prepare training calendars thereby providing learners with total visibility into their forthcoming training sessions

LMS integration


Seamlessly Integrates with Third-party Learning Platforms

Expand the scope of learning by integrating our L&D system with additional learning platforms like Coursera and Go1

Our Customers Love our Learning Management System

“Akrivia HCM has been ‘nothing short of transformative’. The user-friendly interface of Akrivia has significantly simplified our HR processes.”

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