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Leveraging Data-Driven Strategies

Effortless Employee

Cloud-Based Document Storage

Cloud-based document storage

Role Management

Role management

Position Management

Position management

Customizable Approval Workflow

Customizable approval workflow

Prioritize Employee Experience with
our Core HR Solutions

Organizational hierarchy

Organizational Hierarchy

Design an Org-Tree that Suits Your Company

Configure your complex organizational structures into the platform and get the resource allocation to support your business needs

Employee profile

Employee Profile

Unified Hub for all Your Employee Data

Get a centralized platform for all employee-related information, ensuring secure storage with seamless accessibility


Pension Management

Pension Management for UAE Nationals

Configurable pension solutions designed specifically for UAE nationals, ensuring compliance and efficiency in pension management

Multi entity management

Multi-Entity Management

Unified Dashboard for Resource Management

Effortlessly manage your shared employees across various entities, ensuring seamless automation across the Middle East

Experience Unmatched Efficiency with
our On-Cloud HCM Suite

Employee self service portal

Employee Self Service Portal

Drive Employee Engagement

Enable two-way communication through our employee self-service portal, allowing your employees to track queries and access information instantly

Role Based Access

Role Based Access

Optimize Access Management

Improve data security and manage access control with role-based permissions. Cut down the hassle of password changes and paperwork for new hires

AI in HR

AI in HR

Next-Gen Self Serve Experience

Explore the capabilities of our AI-enabled chatbot, Dhruva. It facilitates ticket raising and provides insights into company policies through a user-friendly interface



Smooth Offboarding Experience

Streamline the offboarding process and maintain positive relationship with former employees by automating and expediting the necessary steps

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“Akrivia HCM has been ‘nothing short of transformative’. The user-friendly interface of Akrivia has significantly simplified our HR processes.”

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