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Key Challenges for HRs in the Construction Industry

Key Challenges for HRs in the Construction Industry

Upskilling of Employees

Lack of highly skilled workforce in the market impacts quality of work and delay in project completion

Compliance Issues

Inability to stay updated and compliant with multiple federal laws and nationalization policies ranging from safety to labor directly impacts the future of your business

Shift Management

Archaic ways of assigning shifts and tracking time leads to disorder, confusion, poor visibility of schedules and inefficient workforce distribution

HRMS Software for Healthcare Industry

Tailored to Streamline Critical HR Functions


Contractual Labor Management

Manage the attendance and payroll of your outsourced workforce with ease and efficiency

Mobile Access

Allow your construction workers to access information and avail services from any location using our mobile application

Learning and Development

Empower your employees with training programs related skills, safety and compliance for increased productivity

Customizable Payroll

Configure individualized pay groups and pay cycles auto synced with time, attendance and leave to stay compliant with policies

Help your Construction Industry Workers
Climb Ladders Better

Hiring Made Easy

Hiring Made Easy

Auto-generate compelling JDs, screen, score and rank resumes to find the ones best suited for the job with our AI-powered recruitment management software

  • Create multiple job boards
  • Schedule interviews
  • Release offer letters
Training and Development

Training and Development

Identify skill gaps and upskill your workers to bridge the gap between plan and execution for all your projects using our learning management solution

  • Learning recommendations
  • Certifications and leaderboard
  • Integrations with third party training providers
Centralized Employee Data

Centralized Employee Data

Get a unified employee database accessible and manageable on cloud and set the ground for seamless HR operations

  • Integrate data without any duplication
  • Manage employee data across entities
  • Role based access and privileges
Time, Attendance and Shift

Time, Attendance and Shift

Track clock-ins and outs of both fulltime and contractual workforce, create and assign them with shifts with clear visibility on team schedules without any duplication

  • Geotagging and geofencing
  • Rooster creation and management
  • Customizable time policies

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