Our Platform Makes Time Management Easy for You

Time and attendance management is super easy and transparently done in our system


Widget based 

Inbuilt Shift Scheduling

Inbuilt shift scheduling



Pre-Planned Over-Time Management

Pre-planned over-time management

Notification and Reminders

Notification and reminders

Smooth Attendance Management

Our Time and Attendance Management Functionality are Designed to Remove the Mundane Tasks from
Your Daily Schedule and Provide you a Better Control of the Policy Implementation

Geotagging and geofencing

Geotagging and Geofencing

Flexible Attendance Capturing Techniques for Your Employees!

You can adopt various attendance capturing methodologies embedded into our unified platform. Let your employees tag their attendance while working from an office, home or client location and within the parameters of the geo-fence

Shift scheduling

Shift Scheduling

Multiple and Single Shift Scheduling is Made Simple

Provide better visibility to your frontline workers on their shift allocations and timecards, making their work planning more convenient. Alongside making absenteeism management and ad-hoc shift allotment easy for their managers

Biometric attendance tracking

Biometric Attendance Tracking

Sync Attendance Data from Biometric to Your Dashboard in Real Time!

Employees working from multiple office locations can conveniently mark their attendance on biometric device and it gets synced with the single attendance tool. Experience a smooth workflow of attendance capturing

Over time

Over Time

Over Time Work Policy Creation and Assignment Made Simple

Configure over time policy and accordingly allocate to all the employees based on your requirements. Synchronize overtime allowances directly with the payroll and thus make the process truly automated

Automating Mundane HR Tasks and Saving you Time

Our platform lets you unlock the full potential of your HR strategies by leveraging our insights
and analytics derived from unique time-trend data.

Attendance reports & analytics

Attendance Reports & Analytics

Attendance Data and Insights Visible in the Single Dashboard

Dahboard with insightful analytics and data makes your decision making seamless and align them with overarching business objectives

AI in HR

AI in HR

AI Powered Attendance Management

Our AI powered HR platform transforms your routine tasks into swift auctions. AI-powered chatbot helps you resolve any attendance regularization or attendance policy related queries of employees, revolutionizing employee experience

Mobile first

Mobile First

Mobile Clock-ins and Remote Punches Made Accessible

Ultilise our mobile app for marking attendance, checking attendance logs and shift details. Your field employees can conveniently access their timecards right from their phones

Our Customers Love our Attendance Management System

“Akrivia HCM has been ‘nothing short of transformative’. The user-friendly interface of Akrivia has significantly simplified our HR processes.”

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