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AI-Powered HR Chatbot

Automate Routine Tasks and Inquiries

Dhruva, Akrivia HCM's intuitive AI assistant offers instant answers and simplifies daily tasks,
empowering your team and your employees to focus on what matters

Simple Configuration

Securely upload documents with your company policies onto our web portal to equip our assistant to answer employee concerns


Intuitive Navigation

Manage leaves, attendance, and access payslips right from the chatbot

Intuitive navigation

Simplify Support

Turn conversations into trackable tickets for faster resolution

Auto-screened Video Interviews

Fast-track Your Hiring with Auto Screening

Conduct standardized video interviews with AI assistance, ensuring fair and data-driven evaluation of communication and behavioral skills

Candidate Shortlisting

Find the Most Suitable Candidate for the Position

Auto-Score Candidates

Auto-Score Candidates 

Our AI-powered resume parser prioritizes candidates with the most relevant skills, saving you time and ensuring a strong pool of qualified individuals

Auto-Match Candidates

Auto-Match Candidates 

Identify ideal candidates from your existing talent pool for new roles, saving time and resources

Save Time with People-AI

Work Smarter: Automate Repetitive Work and Get Rich Insights

Survey-based Sentiment Analysis

Bridge the Gap Between Feedback and Action

Our AI analyzes employee feedback, revealing key insights into sentiment and trends to enhance engagement and take timely action

Training Recommendations

Craft Personalized Learning Journeys

Employees get personalized course recommendations tailored to their unique learning history, skills, and career goals

Survey-based Sentiment Analysis
Job Description Generator

Craft Engaging Job Descriptions

Automatically craft job descriptions to attract the ideal candidates with insights from existing positions, role requirements, and industry trends

Our FAQ’s

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What is AI in HR?

AI in HR, also known as AI for Human Resources, Artificial Intelligence in HR, or Artificial Intelligence in Human Resource Management, refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies like machine learning and natural language processing to automate and improve various HR functions. This includes tasks like recruitment, onboarding, training, performance management, and more.

What are some benefits of using AI in HR?

What are some examples of AI tools used in HR?

What is the role of AI in Human Resource Management?

What are some challenges associated with using AI in HR?

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