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Challenges HRs face in the Retail Sector

Key hurdles for HRs in the Retail Sector in Singapore

Hiring and Retention of Employees

Meeting candidate demands while retaining existing employees becomes increasingly difficult with rising market hiring demands, elevating the risk of losing top talent

Time and Attendance

Coordinating and implementing attendance and leave policies for both on-site and remote workforce entails multiple policy iterations to meet diverse workforce needs, complicating the process

Centralization of Employee Database

Manual maintenance of employee information across various warehouses, plants, and outlets leads to difficulty accessing employee data from corporate offices or headquarters

Configured to Streamline critical HR functions

Employee Self-Service

From attendance tracking to generating payslips, ESS empowers employees to take self-accountability

Accurate Time and Attendance System

Track all data via mobile devices and biometrics with geotagging and geofencing options

Mobile App Access

Employees can mark attendance and request leaves via mobile and access payslips from their smart phones

Contractual Labor Management

Easily manage the fluctuating demand for seasonal workforce through our platform

Optimize the Efficiency of your Retail Workforce at the Store

Track Employee Attendance

Track Employees’ Attendance

Monitor employees’ presence and attendance in real time. Akriva HCM’s automated time and attendance module, provides a comprehensive view of store staff attendance and movement

  • Easy biometric integration
  • Set up flexible shifts
  • Geofencing and geotagging
A Unified Hub for Leave Management

Centralized Leave Management

Configure and allocate different leave policies to store staff based on their needs

  • Use the dashboard to view an employee’s entire leave history
  • Create leave policies based on the region
Engage your Employees

Drive Workforce Engagement

Develop more holistic employee retention programs by implementing rewards, recognition, incentives, bonuses, all using our employee engagement software

  • Entice with rewards and recognition
  • Club bonuses with payroll
  • Timely appraisals
Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Akrivia HCM helps you generate comprehensive workforce reports and analytics detailing attendance and leave trends specifically for ground staff right from the dashboard

  • Region-wise attendance trend reports
  • Absence and leave reports
  • Employees pay trends

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“Akrivia HCM has been ‘nothing short of transformative’. The user-friendly interface of Akrivia has significantly simplified our HR processes.”

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