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Addressing Manufacturing's Unique HR Challenges

Shift Management

Managing multiple shifts and tracking employee leave requests can create challenges in ensuring accurate shift schedules. This disparity between planned staffing and actual availability can lead to disruptions and inefficiencies

Arrears and Overtime

Maintaining a motivated blue-collar workforce depends on efficient and accurate payroll processing. This includes ensuring the correct calculation of arrears, bonuses, and overtime pay, which is also necessary for compliance with Vietnam Labor Laws

Fragmented ERP and HRMS

Although HRMS and ERP systems serve vital functions by managing employee and business data, and their lack of integration poses a significant challenge. Fragmented data fragmented often impedes HR professionals from making strategic decisions

A Tailored HR Automation Platform for the Manufacturing Sector

Intuitive UI/UX

Designed to deliver a cohesive and frictionless experience for both employees and managers, its intuitive design features clear navigation and readily accessible functionalities

Overtime Verification

Akrivia HCM leverages attendance data for reliable overtime verification, ensuring efficient manager approvals

Workflow Templates

Explore our library of pre-built workflow templates, designed to align with the specific requirements of the manufacturing industry, to automate complex processes

Easy Configurability

Our highly configurable platform allows for customization to perfectly suit the workflows of your unique manufacturing environment

Optimize Critical HR Functions in the Manufacturing Industry

Streamline Recruiting & Retention

Streamline Recruiting & Retention

Akrivia HCM empowers you to build a world-class manufacturing workforce with modules like recruitment management and employee engagement

  • Upload employee details in bulk
  • Complete background verification
  • Contribute to an empowered employee experience
Upskill your Industrial Workforce

Upskill Your Workforce

Our platform has in-built analytics to help you identify skill gaps and create tailored employee training programs to address the specific needs of your workforce

  • Bridge skill gaps with ongoing development
  • User-friendly interface for seamless navigation
  • Flexible reporting chain
Automate Your Attendance System

Automate Your Attendance System

Designed for the dynamic needs of Vietnam’s manufacturing sector, Akrivia HCM leverages cloud-based technology in to deliver a flexible, scalable and customizable time & attendance module

  • Seamlessly integrate biometric attendance data with HR portal
  • Manage diverse scheduling needs with fixed and flexible options
  • Location-based attendance with geofencing & geotagging
Centralized Leave Management

Consolidated Leave Management System

Our leave dashboard provides a centralized view of employee leave quotas, accessible to both employees and managers.

  • Customize leave request workflows
  • Comprehensive leave tracking in a single view
  • Personalize leave policies by geographic location
Integrated Payroll System

End-to-End Payroll Integration

Eliminate manual data entry by seamlessly integrating attendance, shift schedules, and leave requests with our platform

  • Simplify payroll processing
  • Streamline overtime tracking
  • Automate statutory & non-statutory payments
Leverage Data-Driven Insights

Leverage Data-Driven Insights

Effortlessly generate reports outlining demand forecast, job hour tracking, payroll and business compliance, essential for navigating the expansive manufacturing landscape in Vietnam

  • Uncover retention trends
  • Analyze attendance patterns
  • Generate leave and absence reports

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“Akrivia HCM has been ‘nothing short of transformative’. The user-friendly interface of Akrivia has significantly simplified our HR processes.”

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