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Critical HR Challenges in the IT Sector

Key HR challenges in the Information Technology Sector

Competitive Talent Landscape

With the rapid expansion of the IT sector in Vietnam, meeting hiring needs is becoming challenging, especially with the talent shortage plaguing the market presently. The increasing standard pay scale also adds to the difficulty of find quality hires with budget constraints.

Employee Retention

With a competitive job market offering employees abundant opportunities, retention is a top priority for HR. To address this challenge, keeping staff engaged becomes critical

Hybrid Workforce Challenges

With the rise of hybrid work trends in IT services in Vietnam, HRs need to be accessible remotely to address queries and overcome remote work challenges

Automate Essential HR Functions

AI-powered ATS

Automate creating job descriptions and posting on multiple job boards while automating the entire applicant tracking process with our integrated ATS

Remote Onboarding

Simplify the onboarding process for remote employees, providing them with a seamless experience

Personalized Learning

Empower tech professionals with the opportunity to train and upskill themselves to stay abreast of new technologies


Streamline your payroll process by running multiple pay cycles for both permanent and contractual employees simultaneously

Empower Your IT Team to Drive Results

Streamlining the Recruitment Process

Expedite Talent Acquisition

Akrivia HCM empowers organizations with a comprehensive solution to identify and recruit top talent within the IT sector. Our industry-leading ATS streamlines the entire recruitment process, encompassing candidate sourcing, offer issuance, and subsequent onboarding

  • Dynamic interview scheduling
  • Create job descriptions using AI
  • Automate employee background verification
A Comprehensive Employee Data Management System

A Comprehensive Employee Data Management System

Access and manage all employee information in one centralized HR platform, ensuring easy accessibility for everyone

  • Actionable employee trend reporting
  • Complete employee document management
  • Location-based data insights
Employee Self-Service Portal (ESS)

Employee Self-Service Portal (ESS)

Enable employees to access HR policies, financial information, and performance dashboards independently, allowing your HR team to focus on strategic initiatives

  • Seamless leave request submissions
  • Easy access to pay slips
  • Streamline expenses and reimbursement claims
Progressive Learning and Growth

Easy Learning and Development

Create customized training programs to address skill gaps in your tech team to build an adaptable workforce

  • Utilize integrated analytics to track learning progress
  • Measure learning outcomes
  • Develop internal talent

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