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Challenges for HRs in the Healthcare Sector

Major Challenges for HRs in the Healthcare Sector

Employee Burnout

The strain of working multiple shifts, responding to emergencies promptly, and facing work pressure often leads to severe burnout, consequently raising attrition rates.

Lack of Upskilling Mechanics

Without a well-designed mechanism to provide upskilling programs, medical staff lack the necessary skills to deliver optimal patient care, jeopardizing patient well-being.

Managing Shifts

Manual time, attendance, and shift tracking create bottlenecks in workforce planning, blind spots in employee hours, and last-minute scheduling nightmares.

HRMS Software for the Healthcare Industry in Vietnam

Empower HR Teams with Tailor-made Solutions

Complete Staff Management

Our platform provides continuous real-time insights for staff management, covering everything from time and attendance to performance management.

Mobile App Support

Ensure seamless connectivity with the Akrivia HCM mobile app, empowering healthcare professionals to access their data anytime, anywhere.

Compensation and Benefits

Retain top healthcare talent by offering competitive benefits and compensation packages.

Role-based Access

Ensure confidentiality of employee information with our role-based access control system with individualized login protocols.

Equip your Healthcare Heroes to Provide Optimal Patient Care

Accelerate your Hiring Process

Accelerate your Hiring Process

Boost recruitment efficiency by auto generating job descriptions and shortlist candidates from hundreds of resumes within seconds with our AI-enabled recruitment management software

  • Bulk upload candidate applications
  • Pre-onboarding access
  • Employee background verification
Centralized Employee Database

Consolidated Employee Data

Implement a central employee database to manage and access staff information, simplifying core HR tasks.

  • Effectively organize employees as per their job roles
  • Eliminate need for data duplication with seamless integration
  • Customizable employee data fields
Employee Self-Service Portal (ESS)

Employee Self-Service Portal (ESS)

Empower employees with a mobile-friendly ESS portal, providing on-the-go access to HR information and services, reducing dependencies on HR for routine tasks.

  • Seamless leave request process
  • Easy access to pay slips
  • Improved employee experience
Monitor Employee Schedules

Manage Employee Shift Schedules

Tailor our product to match your individual attendance policies, with automatic syncing to your leave and payroll systems for effortless efficiency.

  • Integrate biometric attendance seamlessly
  • Schedule shifts and track overtime effortlessly
  • Location-based attendance with geofencing and geotagging
Centralized Leave Management

Comprehensive Leave Management

Effortlessly manage leave requests and staff schedules with our intuitive dashboard.

  • Customize leave policies and approval chains
  • Analyze leave trends on a single dashboard
  • Ensure compliance with region-based leave policies
Reporting and Analytics

Performance Tracking

Leverage our reports and analytics tool for identifying workforce trends and staff sentiment to build a motivated and engaged healthcare team

  • Decrease attrition rates though engagement scores
  • Gain comprehensive insights into employee performance
  • Create standard and customized reports

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