Elevate Traditional HR Operations into Strategic,
Data-Driven Workflows

Effortless Employee Onboarding

Elevate Employee Onboarding Experience

Cloud-based Document Storage

Cloud Document Repository

Role Management

Role Management

Position Management 

Position Management

Configurable Approval Flows

Customize approval flow

Use our Core HR System to Create a Digital
and Employee-Centric Experience

Fully automated onboarding process


Switch to a Digital Onboarding Process

Our HRIS software enables you to deliver a seamless employee experience to your new hires in Vietnam. Customize and streamline all policies to start their journey within your company

Build an Org Chart That Aligns With Your Company

Organizational Hierarchy

Tailor an Org-Tree to Suit Your Company

Align your company's resources to ensure clarity in the hierarchy. Set up everything from multiple business units to members in a team and use these custom hierarchies in other workflows.

Secure Centralized Repository of All Employee Information

Employee Profile

A Comprehensive Repository for Employee Information

Our Core HR portal provides a centralized repository for all employee-related data. Safeguard employees' personal and professional information securely in the cloud, ensuring 24x7 accessibility

No more paperwork for signatures

Digital Signature

Transition to a Paperless Era

Digitally generate and sign employee documents, making them readily available to your workforce. Eliminate the need to manually sign documents

Automate Everyday Tasks

Empower and Engage Your Workforce

Employee Self-Service Portal

Empower and Engage Your Workforce

Facilitate seamless communication through our Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal. Enable employees to track activities and access essential information like pay slips and tax details instantly

Role-based access control

Role-Based Access

Unlock Features Tailored to Each Role

Enhance data security and streamline access management with role-based access control. Simplify onboarding procedures and password changes for new hires

Leverage the potential of AI

AI in HR

Utilize the Power of AI

Leverage Dhruva, our AI-powered chatbot, to simplify daily tasks like raising tickets and accessing company policies through a chat interface

Unified Dashboard for All Entities

Multi-Entity Management

Unified Dashboard for All Entities

Effortlessly manage shared employees across multiple entities with a single dashboard. Enjoy seamless automation across various regions, including India, GCC, and SEA

Our Customers Love our Core HR

“Akrivia HCM has been ‘nothing short of transformative’. The user-friendly interface of Akrivia has significantly simplified our HR processes.”

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