Spend Less Time Hiring and Speed up Onboarding
to Build Your Ideal Workforce Faster

Our best AI recruitment software in Vietnam automates the complete hiring journey, from scanning
thousands of resumes in seconds to generating multiple offers at once

OCR Enabled Resume Parsing

OCR Enabled Resume Parsing

Dynamic Offer Management

Dynamic Offer Management

Automated Job-posting

Automated Job-posting

Customizable Workflows

Tailored Workflows

AI for Crafting Job Descriptions

Ai-powered Job Descriptions

Upgrade Your Recruitment Process to
the Next Level

Remove Roadblocks, Speed Up Hiring

Applicant Tracking System

Get Rid of Bottlenecks by Automating Tasks

Effortlessly oversee the applicant journey using our Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Utilize our AI-driven candidate profile scoring, matching, and skill gap analysis to expedite job filling

Design Tailored Job Boards

Job Boards

Get Customized Job Boards Integrated

Create multiple job boards tailored to your hiring requirements. Customize your job boards with company branding and detailed descriptions to attract the best candidates

Easy Requisition Management


Easy Requisition Management

With our recruitment management software, you can easily raise requisition requests. Set up the approval flow using the portal and streamline your workforce in Vietnam

Connect with Top Talent and Ensure the
Right Fit for Your Workforce

Interview Coordination and Scheduling

Interview Scheduling

Interview Coordination and Scheduling

Streamline interview scheduling by enabling candidates to self-schedule interviews through our HR software for recruitment. Simply share your digital calendar (Google, Outlook, etc.) with candidates and let them choose a convenient time slot

Efficiently create and manage multiple offers

Offer Management

Speed up the Process of Offer Creation and Management

Monitor the creation and distribution of digital job offers right from the dashboard, eliminating manual paperwork and speeding up the hiring process

Improve New Hire Experience


Enhance Your New Hire Experience

Utilize our tailored onboarding workflows for different employees across various departments. Ensure new hires feel welcomed and informed from their first day at your organization

Our Customers Love our Recruitment Management System

“Akrivia HCM has been ‘nothing short of transformative’. The user-friendly interface of Akrivia has significantly simplified our HR processes.”

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