Efficient payroll management solutions for your business.


Simplified Payroll Processes

Effortlessly let the system gather various inputs for you, verify the data, process payroll, initiate bank transfer and access ample reports, forms made readily available and generate payslip’s and letters in a single click.

Final Settlement

Designed to process all employee payments by automating the backend processes and eliminating procedural hassle with managing payroll. Create a lasting positive exit experience for your employees with all their statutory and non-statutory payments and recoveries settled with utmost convenience.

Handling Staff Loans and Advances

Manage employee advances and loans easily, automate payments and recoveries, and provide employees access to a self-service site to manage their installment payments while maintaining compliance with the Singapore payroll laws.

Statutory Requirements

With our all-in-one payroll administration solution, you can automate your payroll procedures and ensure compliance with statutory and tax requirements. Manage automatic computation of Central Provident Fund, Foreign worker levy, Skill Development Fund, Ethnic Fund, a compilation of remittance reports and forms.

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Integrated Payroll Processing

Increase productivity by effectively integrating the payroll module with the time and attendance, expense management, leave management, onboarding, and offboarding modules.

Compensation Management

Be compliant with law and competent with your competition by using our tools min-wage adherence and benchmarking. Revise compensation from a retrospective date and generate customisable revision letters.

Employee Benefits Management:

Our tool helps you in management of your employee benefits. This makes it possible to track and distribute employee benefits more effectively, resulting in higher employee retention rates.

One-Click Payroll

With 1-click payroll, you can quickly and easily process payroll for all employees in a single click, eliminating the need for manual calculations and reducing the risk of errors.

Statutory Management

This feature helps you in managing all your statutory deductions and remittances of Central Provident Fund, Foreign worker levy, Skill Development Fund, Ethnic Fund as recommended by the law.

Final Settlement with End of Service Benefits

Process your employee's complete & final settlements efficiently, keep track of all relieved employee records, & process settlements in one go.

Remittance Reports and Forms Generation

Automatically create remittance reports and forms like CPF ECR, IR8A form, IR21 and more. You can simplify compliance with governmental rules.

Automated payments

Automate all your payments such as 13th month pay, Festival Bonus, Shift Allowance, Over Time, Leave Encashment, Benefit in kind, Retrenchment, Severance, Ex-Gratia, Gratuity, Bonus etc., as per your organizations policy.

Employee self-service portal

With Employee self-service portal, let your employee have a brief glance on their compensation, benefit and salary revisions. Then can also manage their payslip’s, letters and reimbursements.