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Key Challenges of Manufacturing Industry

Finding and Developing Talent

Attracting and retaining skilled talent has been a constant issue due to stereotypical perceptions of manufacturing. Long drawn-out interview processes, lack of tech innovations and employee growth must be addressed to attract new generation of talent

Shift and Overtime Management

Keeping track of multiple shifts and rotations, while considering worker’s leaves and time off requests is a complex task for line managers. Accurately calculating overtime, arrears and bonuses is key to paying line workers on time, without any errors.

Separate HRMS and ERP

Sensitive employee data and information is stored in HRMS, but ERPs hold the business-related information in a separate information silo. This lack of integration of ERPs and HRMSs raises issues for HR personnel that want to make strategic decisions.

Digitize and Automate HR Functions Specific to Manufacturing Industry

Enterprise grade UI

Akrivia’s enterprise grade UI/UX is built keeping in mind the complex needs of both employees and managers, providing a seamless and coordinated experience

Accurate Overtime Calculation

Biometric attendance data accurately calculates employee work and overtime hours, simplifying the process of overtime approvals for HR

Customizable Platform

The highly configurable platform can be designed to suit your manufacturing company’s specific needs, making it practical and useful for all employees and supervisors

Workflow Automation

Utilize our prebuilt workflow templates to automate intricate workflows and processes in manufacturing

Leverage Digital Solutions to Simplify Vital HR Operations

Attract and Recruit the Right Talent

Attract and Recruit the Right Talent

Use Akrivia’s recruitment management and employee engagement modules to identify and recruit key talent for your manufacturing unit

  • AI-enabled resume parser to scan hundreds of resumes in seconds
  • Conduct skill-based candidate matching
  • Swift onboarding process with automated job offers
Retain and Upskill Your Manufacturing Workforce

Retain and Upskill Your Manufacturing Workforce

Considerably improve employee engagement by eliminating silos to foster communication and collaboration through a centralized portal. Run skill gap analysis and create tailored learning programs for employees to upskill with ease.

  • Unified platform to drive two-way communication
  • Design custom learning programs for employees to upskill
  • Track learning progress
Digitized Attendance Management

Digitized Attendance Management

Accurately record fixed and flexible shifts across multiple manufacturing facilities. Automate attendance management with Akrivia’s cloud-based system that provides a transparent view of attendance data for employees and managers.

  • Manage multiple fixed and flexible shifts across facilities
  • Integrate attendance data with HR
  • Mark attendance from any location, in-office or remote using Akrivia’s mobile app
Efficient Leave Management

Efficient Leave Management

A central leave dashboard provides a transparent view of available leaves and holidays, enabling employees to freely access their leave policies and quotas.

  • Tailored leave policies for different facility locations
  • Create leave approval workflows
  • Automatically calculate leave accruals

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“Akrivia HCM has been ‘nothing short of transformative’. The user-friendly interface of Akrivia has significantly simplified our HR processes.”

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