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AI-Powered HR Chatbot

Offer 24/7 support to your employees using
our HR Chatbot, Dhruva!

Our conversational AI chatbot interacts with employees to instantly answer queries
and performs tedious tasks to save time.

Highly flexible

Build an AI chatbot that aligns with your company’s requirements and policies by feeding all company details to Akrivia’s HCM platform

Easy to configure


Employees can ask the AI chatbot to perform a multitude of functions like apply for leave requests, download pay slips and monitor attendance

Simple Navigation 

Convert employee requests to tickets

Resolve your employee’s concerns faster by converting requests made to the chatbot

Turn employee requests into tickets
AI Video Interviews

Enable automated candidate screening

Use the video interview tool to conduct impartial interviews using AI. Our advanced AI analyses the candidate’s behavior and responses to deliver feedback to HR and expedite the hiring process.

Candidate Shortlisting

Find the perfect fit for your team

Auto-score and rank candidates

Match candidate skills to job requirements and rank them using Akrivia's AI-powered scoring and ranking process. This process automatically enables the right candidate to rise to the top of the talent pool.

Auto-match candidates

Precisely evaluate candidate skills and competencies from your existing pool of resumes with our AI-powered matching system

Get More with People-AI

Digitize, Customize, and make insightful observations

Job description generator
Job Description Generator 

Attract top talent with detailed job descriptions

Automatically create detailed job descriptions to find the right candidate using our AI that analyzes current positions and candidate requirements

Training Recommendations 

Design personalized learning journeys

Empower your employees with custom course recommendations depending on their skills, learning history and current role.

Employee sentiment analysis
Employee Sentiment Analysis 

Convert data-driven surveys to valuable insights

Use our AI to run employee sentiment surveys and analyze trends to make data-driven decisions.

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What is a resume parser?

A resume parser uses OCR to analyze resumes and extract key information like skills, experience, and education. It saves time by organizing resumes and making them searchable for recruiters.

How does an AI resume parser work?

What is an AI video interview?

What does a job description generator do?

How does an AI sentiment analysis tool measure employee sentiment?

What are the benefits of HR chatbots?

How can sentiment analysis be used in HR?

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