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Top HR Challenges in the IT Industry

Key HR challenges in the Information Technology Sector

Talent Shortages

Finding technically qualified candidates with in-demand skills is deemed a top HR challenge in the IT industry. Critical shortage of engineers and software developers continues to plague the tech industry with more open roles than candidates.

Turnover and Retention

Tech industry is synonymous with high turnover rates and retaining talent is a difficult task in a candidate-driven market where employees can opt to leave for a better paycheck

Hybrid and Remote Workforce

Remote and hybrid working is the new norm of the IT industry, and tech HRs need to be flexible and accessible to accommodate the needs of remote work.

Designed to Consolidate HR Functions in IT Industry

Automated ATS

Use AI-powered applicant tracking system to create multiple job descriptions in minutes, post them and conduct skill-based searches to find the right candidate

Manage Remote Onboarding

Automate the entire remote onboarding process by issuing digital job offers and collecting e-signatures.

Learning Management

Create personalized learning programs to upskill your tech workforce

Integrated Payroll

Process remote, contractual, and permanent employees' payroll all in one platform.

Future-proof Your Tech Workforce

Attract Top Tech Talent

Attract Top Tech Talent

Utilize the AI-powered applicant tracking system to find and recruit the best tech talent for your workforce. Perform skill-based searches of candidates and fast track the onboarding process with our integrated HCM portal.

  • Scan and parse hundreds of resumes
  • Enable candidate to self-schedule interviews
  • Use AI to create multiple detailed job descriptions
Boost Employee Engagement

Boost Employee Engagement

Reap the benefits of an engaged tech team and experience improved productivity. Akrivia’s HCM platform and its employee engagement module drives internal communication with meaningful rewards and recognition.

  • Enhance communication with internal social wall, Nexus
  • Conduct surveys and polls to understand employee perspective
  • Celebrate small wins with rewards
Continual Development and Lifelong Learning

Continual Development and Lifelong Learning

Run analysis to identify skill gaps in your tech team and build personalized learning programs to fill them. Promote lifelong learning practices to upskill in a rapidly changing tech landscape.

  • Analyse skill gaps
  • Design custom learning programs for different tech employees
  • Track their learning journey and progress
Employee Self-service Portal (ESS)

Employee Self-service Portal (ESS)

Promote transparency to inspire confidence among your tech team with ESS. Empower your employees with instant access to attendance and leave data, HR policy, and performance reviews.

  • Apply for leaves from the central dashboard
  • Instantly download pay slips
  • Use Dhruva, the AI-powered chatbot to learn about company policies

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