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Top Challenges for HRs in BFSI

Key Challenges for HRs in the BFSI Sector in Singapore

Retaining Talent

High demand for talent in niche areas like risk management, cybersecurity, and fraud detection creates challenges in retaining top talent in the BFSI sector


Manually keeping track of the frequently changing compliance standards in the highly regulated BFSI industry is a tedious process

Skills Gap

Growing divide between skills demanded by the BFSI industry and skills of available talent has led to learning and development gaps

Tailored to Streamline Critical HR Functions.

Centralized HR Functions

Automate HR functions and communicate changes in policies from a central dashboard

Applicant Tracking System

Shortlist candidates using the OCR-enabled resume parsing tool to find candidates that are right for the role

Learning Management

Akrivia’s learning management module enables employees to identify skill gaps and upskill using custom learning programs

Data Analytics

Generate detailed reports on employee sentiments and workplace trends to realign strategies backed by data

Drive Digital Transformation of Your BFSI Talent

Comprehensive HRMS Platform

Comprehensive HRMS Platform

Experience the ease of managing and engaging your multi-generational BFSI workforce with an integrated HCM portal

  • Central database for all employee details
  • Enable two-way communication to drive engagement
  • Customize approval workflows
Commit to Continuous Learning

Commit to Continuous Learning

Develop custom learning programs based on employee requirements, analyze their progress and monitor learning journey all from a dashboard

  • Identify skill gaps
  • Track progress of employee learning programs
  • Integrate with third party learning platforms to expand scope
Continuous Performance Management

Automate Performance Management

Enable employees to track goals and achieve OKRs with the help of steady feedback and reviews

  • Leverage data-driven performance measurement
  • Design career development plan
  • Constructive feedback system
Engage Your Workforce

Improve Employee Engagement

Encourage internal communication to meaningfully engage your diverse BFSI workforce using Akrivia’s employee engagement module

  • Robust reward and recognition system
  • Internal social wall, Nexus, to drive communication
  • AI-powered chatbot to automate mundane tasks

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