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Top HR Challenges in Healthcare Industry 

Major Challenges for HRs in the Healthcare Sector

Burnout and Retention

Emergencies, multiple rotating shifts and demands of the high-stress healthcare sector are leading to burnout and increasing turnover rates.

Training and Development

Outdated skills and practices influence the quality of clinical care. Lack of consistent training of medical personnel and support staff directly impacts the patient’s health.

Shift Management

Lack of efficient practices in managing rotating shifts of staff and multiple appointments of different doctor's cause chaotic situations in emergencies at healthcare centers.

HRMS Software for Healthcare Industry

Tailored to Streamline Critical HR Functions

Real-time Tracking

Monitor every employee’s time, attendance and performance data using our unified HCM portal. Gain data-driven insights into workforce trends and manage your healthcare professionals efficiently.

Comprehensive HRMS on-the-go

Make data and policies accessible to all your healthcare workforce, from anywhere, through Akrivia’s mobile app.

Learning and Development

Empower your healthcare personnel to upskill, stay ahead of compliance updates and regulatory changes using the learning management module.

Designation-based Access to Information

Provide role-based access to sensitive data and employee information to maintain data security.

Optimize Processes Across Your Healthcare System to Support a Caring Culture

Streamline Hiring

Streamline Hiring

Attract top talent by auto-generating detailed descriptions for different job boards, scan and parse resumes in seconds using our recruitment management software.

  • Conduct skill-based searches of candidates
  • Upload all candidate applications at once
  • Fast track onboarding process with digital job offers and e-signatures
Track Schedules and Attendance

Track Schedules and Attendance

Customize our unified HCM portal to suit your healthcare system’s policies. Sync attendance and leave data with payroll to enable error-free payroll processing.

  • Real-time biometric attendance data
  • Manage multiple rotating shifts seamlessly
  • Track overtime hours
Efficient Leave Management (2)

Efficient Leave Management

Utilize the central leave management dashboard for complete visibility of all staff schedules and leaves across the healthcare system.

  • Create custom rules and approval workflows
  • Access leave history of all staff in one place
  • Design region-specific leave policies for regulatory compliance
Data-driven Reports and Analyses

Data-driven Reports and Analyses

Generate detailed reports using Akrivia’s analytics feature to recognize trends among your healthcare workforce. Track employee sentiments and engagement to improve retention.

  • Address high turnover rates
  • Track employee performance with consistent 360° feedback
  • Run sentiment analysis to understand employee viewpoints

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