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Key Challenges for HRs in the IT/ITes Industry

Key HR challenges in the Information Technology Sector

Talent Crunch

Rapid expansion and rising demands along with shortage of skilled talents and continuously increasing pay scales, makes recruitment an extremely difficult task for HRs

Employee Engagement

Keeping employees engaged and motivated poses as a major challenge to HRs as it often leads to losing out on the top talents and delay in the achievement of business goals

Hybrid Workforce

The rising trend of hybrid and remote work in IT services makes it tough for HRs to cater to employee needs and address queries impacting everyday operations

Tailored to Streamline Critical HR Functions in the IT/ITes Industry

AI-powered ATS

Quickly create job descriptions, post them on multiple job boards, and automate the entire applicant tracking process

Remote Onboarding

Enhance the onboarding experience for remote employees by automating the process

Personalized Learning

Empower your tech professionals by providing them with the opportunity to train and upskill themselves and keep pace with new technologies


Streamline payroll processing for both permanent and contractual employees simultaneously

Empower your IT Workforce to Do More

Streamlining the Recruitment Process

Efficient Talent Acquisition

From candidate sourcing to issuing offers and onboarding, Akrivia HCM streamlines the entire recruitment process for you to easily find and recruit the top industry talent

  • Interview Scheduling
  • AI-powered job description creator
  • ATS
Unified Employee Database

Unified Employee Database

Store and manage all employee related information from a centralized HR platform, enabling easy access for everyone

  • Employee trend reports
  • Employee document management
  • Region-specific data analytics
Employee Self-Service Portal (ESS)

Employee Self-Service Portal (ESS)

Allow employees to access HR policies, financial information, attendance and performance dashboards independently, freeing up HR time for strategic initiatives

  • Request time off
  • View and download pay slips
  • Submit and claim expenses
Progressive Learning and Growth

Continuous Learning and Development

Create and assign personalized training programs for your employees, addressing all the existing skill gaps in your tech team and building a future-ready workforce

  • Career development path
  • Training recommendations
  • Real time progress tracking

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