Decrease Time-to-hire and Onboard Your Ideal Workforce

Automate and simplify your end-to end hiring process, from screening through multiple resumes
in seconds to generating bulk offer letters and onboarding them

OCR Enabled Resume Parsing

Scan Hundreds of Resumes

Dynamic Offer Management

Automate Offer Management

Automated Job-posting

Create Multiple Job Boards

Customizable Workflows

Tailored Workflows

AI for Crafting Job Descriptions

Ai-powered Job Descriptions

Accelerate Your Hiring Process Using
Recruitment Management System Features

Remove Roadblocks, Speed Up Hiring

Applicant Tracking System

Automate Tasks, Eliminate Bottlenecks

Effortlessly manage the entire applicant journey with the help of our ATS. Screen, match, score and rank profiles using our AI-enabled Recruitment Management System for increased efficiency

Design Tailored Job Boards

Job Boards

Craft Custom Job Boards

Generate multiple job boards as per your hiring needs. Align your job boards with your organization by incorporating company branding and details to attract the best candidates

Simplify the Requisition Procedure


Simplify the Requisition Procedure

Submit request for resource requisition directly from the portal and configure the suitable approval flow for streamlined and quick position filling

Engage with the Best Talent and Find
the Perfect Fit for Your Team

Schedule Interviews with Ease

Interview Scheduling

Schedule Interviews with Ease

Allows candidates to choose a slot and self-schedule interviews as per their convenience by simply sharing your digital calendar (Google, Outlook, etc.) with the applicant

Efficiently create and manage multiple offers

Offer Management

Cut Down on Time Spent Creating and Managing Offers

Track the creation and distribution of digital job offers directly from the dashboard, minimizing manual paperwork and speeding up hiring timelines

Improve New Hire Experience


Upgrade Your New Employee Experience

Configure customized employee onboarding workflows across departments to provide a welcoming and organized experience

Our Customers Love our Recruitment Management System

“Akrivia HCM has been ‘nothing short of transformative’. The user-friendly interface of Akrivia has significantly simplified our HR processes.”

Let’s Recruit, Reward, and Retain
Your Workforce Together

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