Simplify Tracking of Employee Time and Attendance

Effortlessly oversee all aspects of your employees’ attendance, approvals, and regularization processes


Widget-based Dashboards

Inbuilt Shift Scheduling

Inbuilt Shift Scheduling

Mobile First

Mobile Accessibility

Pre-planned Over-time Management

Manage Overtime

On Duty Notifications and Reminders

Reminders and Notification

A Highly Adaptable Time and Attendance
Management Software

Utilize Versatile Attendance Tracking Methods

Geotagging and Geofencing

Utilize Versatile Attendance Tracking Methods

Grant employees the flexibility to record their attendance from various locations, including offices, client sites, or remote venues, with geofenced parameters

Real-time Tracking of Biometric Time & Attendance

Biometric Attendance

Real-time Tracking of Biometric Time & Attendance

Synchronize biometric data seamlessly with our centralized Attendance Dashboard from across multiple locations

Mobile First Approach

Mobile Compatibility

Easy Punch-ins and Outs from Any Location

Employees can mark and monitor their attendance and shift details from their mobile devices, simplifying the process for field workers to clock in and out

Effortlessly Create Multiple Shift Schedules

Robust Shift Scheduling

Effortlessly Create Multiple Shift Schedules

Empower managers to create and assign shifts for easy workforce management. Allow employees to stay informed about multiple shift timings and adapt to sudden changes

Simplify Time and Attendance Management
Using AI and Analytics


Create and Align Overtime Policies with Ease

Configure and allocate tailored overtime policies to relevant employee groups and seamlessly synchronize overtime data with payroll

Reports and Analytics

Attendance Reports & Analytics

Access Comprehensive Reports and Insights on Time and Attendance from a Unified Dashboard

Maximize your efforts for HR process optimization with thorough reports and analytics ultimately utilizing employee data for data-driven decision making

AI in HR

AI-powered HR

Watch AI Transform Routine Tasks into Swift Actions

Our AI-driven chatbot assists in regularizing attendance, accessing attendance policies, and addressing employee concerns, ultimately enhancing the overall employee experience

Easily track attendance and request approvals

Payroll Integration

Seamless Integration of Attendance Data with Payroll

Save time and minimize manual errors by automatically syncing your employee’s attendance and overtime data with payroll

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“Akrivia HCM has been ‘nothing short of transformative’. The user-friendly interface of Akrivia has significantly simplified our HR processes.”

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