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Top HR Challenges in Manufacturing

Shift Management

Juggling multiple shifts can be a maze for you and your line managers. Often, creating shift schedules leaves managers in the dark about employee absences, leading to constant chaos

Arrears and Overtime

Employee paydays are the lifeline for your frontline workers. Miscalculating arrears, bonuses, and overtime can lead to discrepancies in payment

Integration Woes

HRMS houses employee data, while ERPs hold vital business info. But when these systems operate in silos, it's like speaking different languages.

HR Automation: Tailored for Manufacturing Excellence


Sleek Interface

Seamlessly connecting employees and managers for a hassle-free experience

Overtime Simplified

Attendance data unveils the truth behind overtime, simplifying approval for managers

Ready-Made Workflows

Streamline operations effortlessly with workflow templates designed specifically for manufacturing needs

Simple Configuration

Our HCM platform adapts to your requirements with ease, ensuring accessibility for all

Carefully Crafted for Seamless HR Excellence

Recruitment & Retention Made Easy

Recruit & Retain Effortlessly

Elevate your manufacturing workforce with top-tier talent utilizing features like recruitment management and employee engagement

  • Bulk employee data upload for swift onboarding
  • Thorough background verification for peace of mind
  • Tailored for an unmatched employee journey
Upskill your Industrial Workforce

Empower your Industrial Workforce

Spot skill gaps, design and customize dedicated training programs to nurture your workforce. Monitor learning progress with built-in analytics

  • Continuous upskilling for a dynamic workforce
  • User-friendly interface for seamless navigation
  • Adaptable reporting hierarchy
Automated Attendance System

Automate Attendance Tracking

Tailored for manufacturing, Akrivia HCM’s cloud-based time & attendance module offers flexibility, and scalability

  • Sync biometric data seamlessly with HR records
  • Set fixed or flexible shift schedules effortlessly
  • Mark attendance with precision using geofencing & geotagging
Centralized Leave Management

Centralized Leave Management

Empower employees and managers with a unified leave dashboard for transparent access to quotas and approvals

  • Customize rules and approval workflows
  • Access complete leave history at a glance
  • Craft location-specific leave policies with ease
Integrated Payroll System

Seamless Payroll Integration

Our integrated payroll system ensures accurate calculations by syncing with attendance, shifts, and leaves

  • Automate wage computations for efficiency
  • Effortlessly track overtime for fair compensation
  • Simplify statutory and non-statutory payments
Insightful Reporting & Analytics

Insightful Reporting & Analytics

From demand forecasting to compliance, Akrivia HCM provides all-encompassing reports for streamlined manufacturing operations

  • Stay ahead with retention trend insights
  • Access comprehensive attendance analytics
  • Track leave and absence patterns effortlessly

Our Customers say it the Best

“Akrivia HCM has been ‘nothing short of transformative’. The user-friendly interface of Akrivia has significantly simplified our HR processes.”

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